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Texas Sporting Breed
Texas Non-profit corporation. Rescue 28 breeds in AKC Sporting Group.
21st Century Tiger
Giving wild tigers a future by protecting them on the front-line from poachers & habitat destruction.
Alive! Activities
Alive! is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for older people in care by enabling their participation in meaningful activity. https://t.co/JkqXUHPM
Rose Road Association
Making a positive difference to the lives of young disabled people through a range of short breaks in Hampshire.
The Everglades Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to leading efforts to restore & protect the greater #Everglades ecosystem. RT's not endorsements.
Imagine....if 1 million people were tweeting about homelessness in the USA. That would be millions talking about homelessness. Talking leads to Doing. Doing means making a difference. You can make a ...
Kidscan is a children's cancer research charity based in Salford. We research cures and treatments for the 1 in 500 children diagnosed with cancer every year
Sense Scotland
Sense Scotland. How would you say I love you to a deafblind family member? Working with children, young people and adults who have communication support needs
Children's Hospitals National Foundation (CHNF) is a non-profit organization raising medical funds and awareness for children's hospitals nationwide. #chnf
Glasgow Council on Alcohol (GCA) is a voluntary organisation that provides a range of services to support people who have problems with alcohol misuse.
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