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An initiative built on the foundations of story-telling, civilian peace-building and activism for gender equality.
Por um futuro em que os seres humanos vivam em harmonia com a natureza.
Idaho Diaper Bank
The Idaho Diaper Bank cares about closing the gap on Diaper Need in Idaho. Help us keep Idaho babies dry, clean and healthy!
International Anti Poaching Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to wildlife conservation through direct action
Zonta International
Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.
Putting on operas & regular music programmes with people who have experienced homelessness. Tweets by @mrmattpeacock, Laura & Bridget.
Hope For The Day
Hope For The Day (HFTD) is a grass roots non-profit movement utilizing music and arts for suicide prevention and mental health education.
Fundación Soy Social
Transformamos realidades de vulnerabilidad y desigualdad, a través de modelos de innovación social!
The Salvation Army
We're there where you need us: Helping families, children, modern slavery victims, homeless, older and unemployed people in every community. #weare150
Advancing the #science. Shaping the #future. Podcast: http://t.co/RoIeO3gFKh YouTube: http://t.co/QdF8V1zvpJ Facebook: http://t.co/6cZVSeV1h9
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