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Multiply Social Outreach
Increase exposure for your organization. Create a community of online volunteers who will carry your message further and stronger than ever before.
Reach New Audiences
Introduce your cause to more people and expand your support base. Engage and connect with new and undiscovered suporters.
Personalized Impact
Benefit from the effect and impact of a personal message. Have people speak for you and communicate your message directly to their friends.
How does it work?
  • Harness people’s passion – Ask people to volunteer their social media voice by becoming your supporters with justcoz. It’s free and easy to do.
  • Tell your story – Our system provides you with the tools and data to plan your campaign, compose your message and tell the world about your organization.
  • Spread the word – We send your message through your supporters’ personal social media accounts, optimizing your message reach and impact.
  • Keep going – Our free and user-friendly system guarantees your cause continuous social media growth, through maximum exposure and engagement, each time you use it.

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