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WWF Schweiz
Wir wollen eine Zukunft gestalten, in der Mensch und Natur in Harmonie leben. Mach da auch mit!
Anglican International Development (AID) works primarily in South Sudan, in partnership with local churches, to transform lives devastated by conflict. http://t.co/f3tVt6W1IT
350.org India
http://t.co/PvZxwygbQd India is part of a global organization that is building a grassroots movement to address the challenge of climate change.
Strides For Life
The Strides for Life Colon Cancer Foundation's mission is the prevention and early detection of colon cancer.
We connect compassionate giving with compassionate healthcare to increase the reach and impact of effective mission medical workers in Africa
Nationally accredited non-profit human services agency.
Mother Seton School
Mother Seton School (Pre-K - 8) is a private Catholic school near Frederick, MD. Descendant of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's first US Catholic school est in 1810.
Haribon Foundation
The future of Philippine forests depends on today's seedlings. Adopt a tree today: bit.ly/adoptaseedling
Gatestone Institute
Not-for-profit, non-partisan policy organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security, prosperity and freedom
Climate change will hit Africa extra hard -- we're fighting to prevent this. Help us by donating a tweet a day!
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