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Justcoz is a platform enabling you to volunteer online. While traditionally you might have offered your skills, knowledge or time to causes you care about, now you can volunteer your valuable social media voice.

Once you become a supporter, your cause automatically utilizes your Tweet  to send out its message.

This simple and free act of online volunteering raises awareness for your cause, increasing its reach, exposure and impact. You take an active and valuable  part in their efforts.

Your voice counts!

There is a strict limit on the number of your tweets that can be used. You can choose to stop supporting at any time.

For more information please see our help section or contact us at

Thank you!

Greenpeace ČR
Joined justcoz on September 2011
Cílem Greenpeace je chránit životní prostředí a nenásilnými prostředky upozorňovat na jeho poškozování. Přidejte se k nám!

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