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For small organizations and for general brand enhancement
For large organizations in need of a constant social impact boost
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Plan details

Basic plan

Our limited plan aimed to promote social good and proudly provided as a free service.
Increase your reach, impact and engagement for those messages that matter to you the most. Gather supporters and “blast” your message through them once a month.
Need more features? Simply upgrade to one of our premium plans.

Pro plan

Our affordable Pro plan is perfect for smaller organizations and for general brand enhancement.
With this plan you get more supporters, more campaigns and more data.
It allows you to connect with your supporters and run different types of campaigns.

Premium plan

For bigger organizations who need a steady boost to social impact, we offer our comprehensive Premium plan.
Run an unlimited number of campaigns and if needed run several simultaneously.
Add media to your messages and brand it as your own. Grow your community of supporters, connect with them and get advanced analytics.

Enterprise plan

Our tailored service customized for your needs.
We will work with you to find the best solutions to achieve your goals.
We offer a complete white labeled solution that can be integrated within your website and systems you work with.
An account manager will be assigned to work with and for you to achieve the targets you set.

Feature explanation

Top Supporters info
Name and contact information of your supporters

Campaign types
Our platform allows you to send your message with 4 different types of campaigns.
  • Blast - Sends tweets through all supporters at once
  • Timed - Sends tweets through all supporters throughout a set timeframe
  • Ongoing - Provides a steady stream of tweets through supporters
  • Recruit - An ongoing campaign that targets potential supporters

  • Cause statistics
    See the number of supporters, number of messages sent and total engagement generated.

    A detailed analytics for each campaign (RT,Likes, Clicks)

    Add a picture, video or any other type of media to your message

    Automated thank you tweets
    Automated personal tweet sent to each supporter once he joins you on our platform.

    Customized template
    Remove “justcoz” from your messages and include your own links/brand

    Simultaneous campaigns
    Run a few campaigns at the same time allowing supporters to send different messages.