What is justcoz?

justcoz amplifies your social media impact by turning passionate fans into active supporters of your organization.

Our platform automates the delivery of your message through your supporters reaching and engaging their friends & followers.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and add your cause to our growing community of hundreds of other nonprofits already using our platform.

  2. Choose the best plan for your organization’s social media activity and goals. We offer a variety of plans ranging from free to a fully customized service.

  3. Gather your supporters. People are happy to donate their voice. Supporting a cause is free and simple yet very effective. Use your social media channels, newsletters, email lists, as well as tools we provide to ask people for their support. The more supporters you have the better.

  4. Create a campaign with your message, and our platform will relay that message through your supporters. We offer all the tools and features needed to compose, plan, schedule and manage your campaigns.

  5. Track and analyze your campaigns. Measure your growing engagement and reach, compare results and connect with your supporters.

Why should I use justcoz?

Multiply Social Outreach

Increase exposure for your organization. Create a community of online volunteers who will carry your message further and stronger than ever before.

Reach New Audiences

Introduce your cause to more people and expand your support base. Engage and connect with new and undiscovered supporters.

Personalized Impact

Benefit from the effect and impact of a personal message. Have people speak for you and communicate your message directly to their friends.